Sunday, January 1, 2012

Moving on over to {Everything Modern Designs}

Design on a Shoestring Budget is moving on over to a new blog...Everything {Modern} Designs!!! I hope that you have all enjoyed reading posts here and that you will continue to ready posts on my new blog. I will share the same information that I did at Design on a Shoestring Budget and I hope to bring you even more at Everything {Modern} Designs...If you have a chance stop on by and tell me what you think!



Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Halloween Goodness!!!

I am SO DONE with summer!!! Time to get out the Halloween and Fall decorations and get into the holiday spirit!!! My mom picked up these cute decorations at one of our favorite haunts...$1.00 each!!! Love decorating on a budget!!! 

Working on the mantle first!!! I see a wreath with some crafty orange and black flower and some black spray paint and glittery goodness in my future!!! 

Til' then!

Monday, September 5, 2011

{Crushing}...On my new rug!!!

I have been stalking Target for about six months, waiting for this rug to go on sale! I just love the texture, the color and the whimsical and works perfectly with the blues, browns and greens that I already have in our little home...gotta love getting something that you love for 50% off!!!

Next up...finalizing the color for the cabinets in the kitchen....let the painting party begin! 

Have a great week!!! 


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer Tablecloth

I have never really been a tablecloth girl. But now, with a 3 year old and 14 month old; I can see why they were get messy and dirty during breakfast, lunch and dinner and then get thrown in the wash at the end of the day...I may be exaggerating on a daily wash, but you get the point right ?
So I took the kiddos to the our local Home Fabrics store and found this sweet little pattern for $5.99 a yard!!! Bought two yards, paid for it, went to Costco and and then came home and threw it out on the table. I am in LOVE!!! Works perfectly so far - we have not had a meal on it yet! But I just love the summer colors and neutral tans in it - it does seem to brighten up the space too! 

Still need to sew it (hopefully that will get done) and will have to see if this tablecloth thing will really work!!! Did I mention we are making pizza tonight! Ha!!!

 This photo depicts EXACTLY how clean my dining room table is EVERYDAY! ha ha

 My birthday is coming up next week, so be sure to come back and check out the my 
" Thirty Three at Thirty Three " list!!!

Thanks for stopping by~

Saturday, July 9, 2011

{Crushing} on Spray Paint....

Vacation time is almost over here in our little household and I am DYING to have some spray paint fun!!! I hope my local hardware store has this color to make me happy!

Krylon, Satin Catalina Mist

Have you seen all of the fun colors that Krylon has??? Check it out...would love to know what your favorite color is!!! Have a good weekend!


Saturday, May 21, 2011

{Dining Room} Searching for a sideboard...

Designer confession...when looking for our first home I did not think the design and kitchen storage space through in my little head (the microwave in the front hall closet should have tipped me off!) So hear we are, a somewhat typical American family with way to much stuff (everywhere) but especially in the kitchen, hence, not enough counter space. Now we did move the counter top microwave out from the hall closet and on to the counter. We had dreams of get a new microwave over the range unit...but would then only have 12.5" of space from the stove top to the microwave bottom (not enough :)) So, we have decided to purchase another piece of furniture, a sideboard, that we can place in our adjacent eat in dining area and "hide" the microwave in the furniture. So with this little story we are in search of a piece of furniture!!!

Love this one! It is rustic and I really like the paneling detail and exposed wood top. Very french inspired

Westmoreland Cabinet contemporary buffets and sideboards
Love the color and wood detail!

new project contemporary dining room

Modern and fresh, might not be for our home...but one can wish!

Jason Ball Interiors contemporary dining room
Love the color and metal detail

Four Walls and a Roof contemporary dining room you can't really see the sideboard, but I LOVE the wall color, decor and vignette on the sideboard!

Dining Room ~ Ironstone Dream traditional dining room
One day...I would love built in cabinets like this...

Burlingame Residence Two traditional dining room
Or this....

Since I started this post...I think I found if I order it, I hope to share it with you soon!

Til' then,

Friday, May 20, 2011

{Master Bedroom} -New artwork

Getting so excited!!! I recently purchased some new bedding for our master bedroom and have been inspired to put together some new artwork for our new digs too! Check out some of the pieces that I have sent to print!

These are all images that my hubby and I took when we went to Italy about 4 years back and I just love to look at the images and remember what an AMAZING trip it was!!!

After I pick them up I will be working on a frame installation inspired by this image from Today's Fabulous Finds...

Don't you just love it!!! I can't wait to get started!!!

Til' then,