Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer Tablecloth

I have never really been a tablecloth girl. But now, with a 3 year old and 14 month old; I can see why they were get messy and dirty during breakfast, lunch and dinner and then get thrown in the wash at the end of the day...I may be exaggerating on a daily wash, but you get the point right ?
So I took the kiddos to the our local Home Fabrics store and found this sweet little pattern for $5.99 a yard!!! Bought two yards, paid for it, went to Costco and and then came home and threw it out on the table. I am in LOVE!!! Works perfectly so far - we have not had a meal on it yet! But I just love the summer colors and neutral tans in it - it does seem to brighten up the space too! 

Still need to sew it (hopefully that will get done) and will have to see if this tablecloth thing will really work!!! Did I mention we are making pizza tonight! Ha!!!

 This photo depicts EXACTLY how clean my dining room table is EVERYDAY! ha ha

 My birthday is coming up next week, so be sure to come back and check out the my 
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