Sunday, May 8, 2011

{Inspiration} from Paris...

Four years ago, my husband and I took an amazing trip to Paris. Rob "had" to take his final class to receive his bachelors degree in a 6 week summer session; and the only way that it made sense to do it this way was if I could come over and spend a week and a half at the end to celebrate his accomplishment! From time to time I find myself nostalgic of all the unique and beautiful architecture and art that we enjoyed on this trip. So this post it dedicated to some of the inspirational designer eye goodies I photographed (wish I had take more photos)!!! But looking back at them now, I find that I am taking new inspiration from these photos for my interiors, graphics and hair accessories. Take and peak and enjoy!

Paris store front...loving the raspberry colors and frenchiness of it!

Paris storefront...interesting displays (was into this at the time as I just finished up a dermatology office).

Spa like display and curly willow in green {love it}

Bisazza...some of the most amazing glass tile ever!!! {See Rob & I in the background?}

Bisazza walls and an AMAZING the detail

Bisazza glass tile from floor to ceiling

A little bookstore that was closed when we walked by.. but got to enjoy the books and treats at the storefront.

More book love

Art Nouveau inspired menu

So...what inspired you today???

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