Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kitchen Redo?

I am in the middle of contemplating the redo my kitchen...

The cabinets are a dark wood that looked good when we purchased the house, but now look dreary and are in some need of freshening up! The avocado green tile is something we were willing to redo when we purchased the home almost 3 years ago, but with the economy and two new kids to the bunch...needless to is still AVOCADO green.

I have been looking at so many different ideas...granite countertops, wood countertops, tile countertops...subway tile backsplash...

Here are some of the ideas I have been pulling for ideas lately...

I love the idea of wood countertops...there is something so RICH about them. I think that if I painted the cabinets a creamy white color it would update them and then pop the wood countertops even more. I love the idea of beadboard as the backsplash, although I have see some beautiful tile lately too.

So here are my thoughts on the kitchen for today.I will share more very soon and hopefully make a decision on my design direction so I can start on my budget!!!

1 comment:

  1. I like the second one. It looks more like your kitchen. i also love the black cabinets. Never would have thought of that