Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's a green thing...

While out yesterday picking up some new flowers and ribbon for my little hair bow business, I sauntered over to Home Fabrics to see what they had. I can always find something there to peak my interest and the ultimate need to but for fabric to redo something around the house; although these days I have to put it in my memory bank for later, as time is something I don't have a ton of these days!

While walking through the aisles looking through the bins I found the most BEAUTIFUL color of GREEN velvet. So excited to find it because I have honestly never seen this beautiful color of green in a velvet rich. I bought a yard to make some pillows and a yard of white fabric for Karis' nightstand (more on that later).

Upon bringing the fabric home, I started looking around and noticing that I AM A GREEN FREAK!!! Take a look at some of the decor below...

Entry with fabulous green paint and artwork by Tika Solnar Phipps

My super attractive 70's avocado green oven (you know you are jealous) :)


Dining room table filled of green apples and a green place mat I scored for $1.99 at Target!

I have to admit it is good to know this at the ripe old age of almost 32...I love to try new design ideas and colors around the house, but have realized that I go back to what is tried and true to me and my design long as it has some GREEN in it!!!

More to follow on the green velvet wheels are spinning and I hope to have time to make what I am planning on and sharing it soon!!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!

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