Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Karis' Second Birthday...a fluttery event!!!

I have wanted to share with you the best second birthday party I have been to for a long daughters!!! She turned "2" back in April and it has taken me a long time to put together this post to share the details...but at least I have a chance to share it!!!

At the time I was nine months pregnant, on a budget (the design business is not what it used to be) and was inspired by other crafters out there and wanted to try out some of their tutorials and see if I could do some of the decor by myself.

We decided on a butterfly theme, I did cutouts of butterflies in lime green, hot pink and pink for centerpieces of moss and pink terracotta pots. I did a "Happy Birthday" banner with tissue poofs in lime green, pink and hot pink and found the best favors for the kids at Michaels and Target. Butterfly, lion and frog masks that my sister and I hand painted for each for the little ones and magnifying glasses and butterfly nets for a dollar each at Target.

The day was beautiful and sunny and all of the kiddos had an amazing time snacking on pinwheel sandwiches, fruit and sugared treats, while playing with their magnifying glasses, bug catchers and customized butterfly, lion and frog masks.

My favorite part of the party was getting to help Karis blow out her two little candles with my husband on her butterfly cake...all in all, it was an amazing day!!!

Cupcakes for the kiddos

Fresh flowers from my moms garden and vibrant colored tissue puffs

Karis' happy birthday banner with tissue puffs
and terracotta butterfly arrangements

Butterfly center pieces, magnifying glasses and butterfly masks

A special thanks to all that helped put the party together!!!