Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Karis' room...take one

I was going through some photos and came across this super sweet photo of my daughters room about three months after she was born...

I will always love the room that I designed for her...it was so fun to find the adorable bedding by My Baby Sam...trying to make sure that the bedding was a neutral as possible, because after multiple ultrasounds, I was still not sure that she was going to come out at a girl.

I painted most of the rooms a pale blue and accented the crib wall with blue and green stripes, because I was not in the mood for pink (you should see her room now)...and opted for dark stained wood furniture that had a little curve to it.

I am so fortunate because my sister-in-law had a rocking chair and ottoman that I was able to have and paint a chocolate brown color and have my amazing grandmother sew new cushions for it.

The artwork for her room was inspired by her bedding and were actual shots of the paisley design placed in frames from Aaron Brothers.

We did not name her until we got to meet her and landed on the name Karis Grace. I was able to find some ADORABLE letters for her name in the Curlz font from a custom lettering company. I painted them a chocolate brown and hung them with chocolate brown and white stitched ribbon.

Looking back this was a super cute room and I am a little bummed that it is now my son's room... a little more masculine, with different bedding and accented crib wall...but I am glad that I took this photo to remember how cute it was!

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  1. Amanda..
    stumbled upon your delightful blog..
    and am smitten!
    Your little guy is just such a cutie..
    but this room for Karis..
    adorable..and so feminine!!
    LOVE IT.. perfect 10!
    warm sandy hugs..